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Identity vs. Identification

Panel Discussions
  • Thursday, 14th Nov
  • 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
  • Tata Theatre - NCPA

There are two streams of thought on Aadhaar. The government believes the universal identification card is a more effective to ensure targeted benefits; that it will reduce leakages in the distribution system and will enforce better tax compliance. It is the one card that will rule them all. The critics argue that biometrics is not fool-proof, the enrolment system is riddled with security flaws, that the data could be sold to private companies and also that the identity card has immense potential to be misused as a surveillance tool. Which side should one believe?

Panelists: Charles Assisi, R Ramakumar, Santosh Desai
Chair: Ayaz Memon

  • Charles Assisi

  • Santosh Desai

  • R. Ramakumar

  • Ayaz Memon