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Black Dog : The Dreams of Paul Nash

  • Thursday, 14th Nov
  • 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  • Experimental Theatre - NCPA

Dave McKeans graphic novel about WW1 comes to life in a multimedia musical explosion.

Performance Note:

Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash was commissioned by the 14-18Now Foundation is a live performance piece in words, images, songs and music, a series of dreams covering the life of the British landscape artist Paul Nash during his time as an officer in Ypres, and how his experiences changed his art and character. He didn’t label himself an ‘artist’, he had become a ‘messenger’. His calling, to show the people back home what had happened, and how the devastation we inflict on the land, on the natural world, reflects the scars and violence we inflict on each other.

  • Dave McKean